The interior of the Yeliseyevsky shop on Nevsky Prospekt

The interior of the Yeliseyevsky shop on Nevsky Prospekt


I concur.


I hate the auto-gratuity that many restaurants have decided to adopt.

I especially hate when they don’t say anything if you tip them another 15% or 20% because you didn’t notice…(and I don’t care what anyone says, as a server you KNOW that if you get another 15% or 20% that the customer did not see the gratuity added.)…it’s dishonest, and I’ve boycotted more than one restaurant for doing  just that.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to jack me…I’m not going to give you a penny extra.

As a customer, I should be the one deciding how much to tip based on the food and service I’ve received.

This is coming from an ex-Bartender and Waitress who has a tendency to over tip (ask my husband)…but, I don’t like liberties being taken with my money.

Especially if the food and service is already overpriced.