Soviet Ukraine in 1988.

“In 1988, two foreign photographers travelled to the USSR on the verge of “Perestroika” and their special topic of interest was Ukraine. So these are the photos they took of what was at the time a part of Soviet Russia, but which is now an independent country. Really colorful shots!”

Soviet Ukraine in 1988

Soviet Ukraine in 19882

Soviet Ukraine in 19883

Soviet Ukraine in 19884

Soviet Ukraine in 19885

Soviet Ukraine in 19886

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Soviet Female Snipers, 1945.

Soviet Female Snipers, 1945. Nearly 800 kills in this picture.

800 kills in this pic.

Just a reminder to all that at least 20 million Russians died fighting the Nazi Regime. Screw the US who ran in at the last minute and took the credit.

If it wasn’t for the Russians, all of Europe would be speaking German right now.