Young people have always owned their era and have always been ignorant of the fact that whatever style they are pursuing now, has done the rounds before.

As in this case, where this child’s mother was probably wearing thongs since before she was born….and in reality, it’s none of her business what her mother is wearing under (or over, for that matter) her clothes.


Just for the record:

This little segment of This American Life on Americans in China talks about ex-pats in China who have their “AHA, I’m a foreigner” moment. Kaiser talks about realizing how “American” he was in 1999 when the Americans “accidentally” bombed the Chinese Embassy in Serbia, and the strong anti-American sentiment following the incident.

There was one fact missing from the observation. Anyone who was paying attention at the time knows that the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was bombed very shortly after China refused to support the bombing of the sovereign country of Serbia.  China basically told America to butt out of Balkan affairs at that time.

Accident? Yeah, sure.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Chinese people didn’t believe Clinton either.