Young people have always owned their era and have always been ignorant of the fact that whatever style they are pursuing now, has done the rounds before.

As in this case, where this child’s mother was probably wearing thongs since before she was born….and in reality, it’s none of her business what her mother is wearing under (or over, for that matter) her clothes.




This sort of shit pisses me off.

I’m assuming that we’re supposed to look at Jamie Lee Curtis and marvel at how badly she’s aged compared to Christie Brinkley.

Frankly, I think that Jamie looks fabulous.

She is aging naturally, and is clearly not as high maintenance as Christie.

I suppose women are supposed to look like they are in their 30’s until they die…but, men are allowed to age.

This is just horseshit.

Pure and simple.

(PS: Jamie Lee is 54, and Christie is 58, btw)