Harald Kirschner’s photograph of a newspaper kiosk, Halle, East Germany, 1986.


These kiosks remind me of my childhood.

There was the smell of confections, books, paper and magazines that I remember.  We used to buy blank booklets from these kiosks and paste photos, newspaper clippings and magazine photos into little collages along with poetry and quotes that we liked, and thoughts that were masqueraded to hide their real meanings from Mama’s prying eyes.

These were the days when imagination was our entertainment.

Vintage Details Magazine.

I was a subscriber to Details Magazine in the 80’s and 90’s.  I loved the photography, and the avant garde fashion spreads and the “underground” scenes that Details covered. They were the “Vice Magazine” of their time…before average people had cell phones and Instagram.

Details covered the drag and fashion shows and the goings on in Manhattan….I loved the Limelight, The Pyramid Club and The Bottom Line.

Details covered that kind of emerging music and fashion.