Love is free.


14-year-old Solimar and 13-year-old Aramis hugging each other shortly after the news that they will become parents, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, January 24, 2012. 48 percent of Puerto Ricans live below the federal poverty line(Christopher Gregory)


3 thoughts on “Love is free.

  1. Children aren’t free though… And if we offered these people a proposed minimal financial security within our global society, perhaps they would have access to the knowledge and comprehension to understand this truth… But we can’t expect them to know why bringing people into the world while human society hasn’t shown a satisfactory propensity to change it’s exploitative ways, is a bad thing for their children’s and the species’ well being. Although, I surmise, that even in the darkness that is our war against human vices, everyone needs a little happiness, a reason to think the struggle is worth it. I just wish that happiness didn’t have to be a potential conscious being with the same innate propensities to succumb to instinctual vices, likely to be subjected to an environment that facilitates such shortcomings, and becoming just another generation that contributes to the methodical waste of human beings for their own selfish desires (i.e a child…).

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