Toronto in the 1970’s.

toronto 1974 yonge bloor

Yonge and Bloor 1974.

toronto empire  inside.

The interior of the Empire Diner. I used to frequent this place quite a bit.It was very close to the Morningstar clothing store on Yonge.

toronto empire diner
The Empire Diner.

Toronto hanging out on Yonge
Hanging out on Yonge Street 1970.

toronto master john 1974
Master John 1974.

toronto miss sweden
Miss Sweden. I remember her as a fixture on Yonge Street when I was a kid.

toronto popcorn
Remember these guys? Long, long gone.

Toronto st charles
St Charles Tavern. I used to frequent Stages on the second floor.
Loved the gay bars back in the day.

Toronto the gasworks
The Gasworks. I was only ever there once.

toronto uptown
The Uptown…and behind it on Balmudo was The Backstage.

Toronto yonge 1970

toronto yonge 1974

toronto yonge dundas 1972
Yonge and Dundas 1972.

toronto yonge hitchhiking
Hitch hiking. Would you even dream of doing that now?

Toronto yonge mall
Yonge Street Mall. They really ought to start doing that again.

toronto yonge
Yonge Street.

Toronto  Daffodil
The Daffodil used to be a tea reading room.


4 thoughts on “Toronto in the 1970’s.

  1. Oh these are amazing. Thank goodness for photographs and for archives.

    I love the pic. of the boys…and the one of the fellow with the earring and what could be a Serbian folk dancing vest. And Miss Sweden, I don’t remember her, was she around in the 80’s? I like her tube top “Sweden – Social – Democrat.” Naked/underwear Santa Claus has taken her place in the millennium.

    I still love 70’s fashion.

    1. I used to go to stages a lot…why did I think it was there? The Empire Diner was right on Yonge though…that I remember well because we used to go there after the bars.

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