New Orleans.

The Man and me just returned from New Orleans.

For years it’s been someplace we’ve both wanted to go, and we finally got the opportunity. What a wonderful place. I don’t think there is a way to explain the charm of New Orleans in words.  All I can say is, if you’ve never been…go.


Weeping lady in Lafayette Cemetery in The Garden District.


The Voodoo Bar.


St Louis Cemetery, Number 1.


Around the corner from St. Louis Cemetery. If it wasn’t for the cars, you could believe that it was the 1930’s.


The grave of Bernard de Marigny. Read about him here.


St. Louis Cemetery, Number 1.


The grave of Marie Laveau (The Widow Paris) Voodoo Queen.

Read more about her here.


Lafayette Cemetery in The Garden District.



Hat shopping in the French Quarter.


The Cornstalk Inn, French Quarter.


St. Charles Street.

BeFunky_IMG-20130719-00560.jpg BeFunky_IMG-20130719-00574.jpg BeFunky_IMG-20130720-00576.jpg


The Mississippi River – on the Riverboat.

One of the things we loved were the Mardi Gras beads hanging from trees and lamp posts all over the city.

NOLA has not seen the last of us.


6 thoughts on “New Orleans.

    1. Oh, what an electric place.
      You must go.
      The music, the food, the people!
      One of the things we loved the most was how civilized it is. Gay couples, and transexuals walking the streets openly displaying affection without so much as a glance from the general population.
      It’s truly a civilized place.
      We loved it.

    1. Thanks!
      That hat shop was amazing..all the employees were dressed in 40’s style clothes.
      I’m going to send you another from a dress shop that made reproductions of vintage dresses and hats.
      They didn’t allow photos in the shop, but I took one of the window display.

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