This article is very accurate.

Rob Ford

Click to enlarge and read the whole article from Mississauga Life.

I have long had the theory that today’s downtown Toronto Hipsters are actually suburban transplants who are living the urban lifestyle they imagined in their heads while living in small town Ontario, or while being driven around suburban strip malls as children.

When I was a kid living in Parkdale, every immigrant family’s dream was to buy a house in the suburbs and have a nice big backyard, with a garden, and parking, and good schools, and nice, sane neighbours.

I watched my friends one after the other leave downtown for Rexdale, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Markham, Ajax and so on.

This article by Chris Carriere is so on the money, it hurts.

Because while trying so hard to be extraordinary, they’re really just unextraordinary.

Those of us who grew up downtown, don’t have the intense hatred for the 905, and there are fewer and fewer people I meet these days who actually grew up in the core.

The downtown cores’ hate on for the 905 is really just self-hate.

Thanks Chris, for validating me.



3 thoughts on “This article is very accurate.

  1. I was born and raised and frankly I am not proud of it, but 905’ers annoy me, they do, the hipsters and the ones that come down for the weekend. So I kinda do have a intense dislike (I never use the word hate, otherwise one could substitute it for the word dislike in this case) for the 905 er’s. But not you, b/c I love you, no matter what. πŸ™‚ And b/c well…you really aren’t, you grew up in Toronto and moved to NYC on your own, and frankly, well, respect.

    1. LOL…What I meant was that the hipsters who are all “Toronto” are actually transplanted suburbanites and small towners who have a complex about being perceived as suburban.
      In reality, they’re not as extraordinary as they’d like to believe they are.

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