Dance Weather Feature – Glen Echo, MD

GLEN ECHO, MD – AUGUST 04: Jennie Harlow, 26, dances by herself near a fan during a waltz dance event in the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park on Sunday August 04, 2019 in Glen Echo, MD. The building was built before air conditioning so dancers are cooled off by several fans positioned around the dance floor. (Photo by Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images)


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The Turks Inn Reborn.

Restaurateurs Varun Kataria and Tyler Erickson who have spent the last five years rebuilding the joint in NYC, “You’re meant to walk through the doors of this place and feel out of time and out of space. whether you come here and know of its history, or come and think wow, I’ve never seen anything like this, yet it still feels familiar.”

The original Turk’s Inn was founded in 1934 by George “the Turk” Gogian, an Armenian man who was born in Istanbul and moved to the Midwest. “He talked about selling eggs and potatoes, or about having a chocolate shop that folded during the Depression,” Kataria says. “It’s a total American Dream story, how he charmed his way through things.” The good old fruits of luck, pluck, and a lot of hard work as they say.

A parade of framed faces crowd the walls of the supper club today in Bushwick, but one face stands out in particular: that of a cool, elegant woman known as “Marge,” who was Gogian’s daughter and the last proprietor of the supper club.

Marge was a painfully chic woman, and working as a fashion designer in New York until the family business beckoned her home. “I think her father couldn’t bear to have her away,” says Kataria. “I think he had some health troubles. Anyway, there were no kids, no next of kin, and when she died it was the end of the line.”

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